Postdoctoral Associate

S2S Postdoctoral Scientist Position

This position is funded by the NOAA/Weather Program Office Subseasonal Experiment and by startup funds from the University of Oklahoma. The combination of grant funding and University funding means that there is some flexibility in defining the specific project.

Some potential project ideas are:

  • Understanding differences between real-time forecast and re-forecast skill
  • Investigating reasons for low-skill forecasts (sometimes called “drop-outs”)
  • Object-based verification of events
  • Exploring probabilistic predictions of extreme and hazardous weather events on weekly timescales
  • Exploring errors in ocean-atmosphere interactions in the Gulf Stream and Kuroshio regions and their impact on the subseasonal predictability of the storm track and weather regimes

Applicants DO NOT need to have preferred qualifications to apply. Applicants MUST have the required qualifications. If you are genuinely interested in S2S research and have the required qualifications, you are strongly encouraged to apply.

Review of applications will begin on Nov 11, 2022

NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoc

This prestigious NOAA-sponsored program appoints fellows that are hosted by a mentoring scientist at a U.S. university or research institution to work in an area of mutual interest. Please contact me (kpegion at ou dot edu) If you are looking for a host for a project related to Earth System Prediction on subseasonal to multi-year timescales.

Graduate Students

The ESPLab is currently seeking a graduate student (M.S. or PhD) for Fall 2023 for a GRA funded position. Interested students should first review the Prospective Graduate Student Information from the School of Meteorology and the section on Knowledge Expectations for Incoming Graduate Students. If you meet the Knowledge Expectations and are interested in Earth System Prediction and Predictability on subseasonal to multi-year timescales, please contact me to further discuss your research interests (kpegion at ou dot edu).

Note that you must formally apply to the University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology to be considered for admission.

Undergraduate Students

We do not currently have any funded undergraduate opportunities available, but we have requested funds in a few of our proposals, so stay tuned.

METR 4914 Capstone students looking for a mentor on topics related to Earth System Prediction and Predictability on subseasonal to multi-year timescales are encouraged to contact me.